The Gravity

Surrender to gravity
she said
as I savasannaaaahed
upon my towel
mind wandering to that
old friend
that irresistable friend
that makes surrender

When I was young
gravity and I were not
we were never on the same side
I wanted to go
to grow
to stay
but my parents
and their gravity
wanted me to lay
to get
and warned me I might fall

As I got older
gravity began to teach me
lessons I didn’t want to learn
lessons about flying
and falling out of trees

We go way back
gravity and me
it still has
a hold
on me

more and more
toward the center
of me
and down through
my feet
planted now
tree posing
I am a tree
with monkey

Ode to the Rollin’

It’s never quite and always almost
the glass half and that other grass
like Mick I
just can’t get no
perspective on
the relativity of satisfaction
like Mick I’m
always almost taking it
never quite by the tongue
I’ve got the moves
like Mick but not the swagger
like a stone
I’m just too heavy
to roll.

Gauntlet Schmontlet

You threw the gauntlet down with one
impressed smirk
that barely detectable lilt
at the corner of your mouth
the shy glance beneath your
protective brow
that backward look
to make sure I am really

I took that gauntlet up and it’s burning a hole in my hand

I thought I wanted my groove back

but I’m holding back
fire that makes me cry

Hong Kong Coffee

Open wide your heart
your arms
open wide your arms
embrace me
hold me close
hold me tight
hold me close
in your wide
in your wide
and open

I can hear you
in his voice
I can hear you
he loves me
he loves me
from a coffee shop
in Hong Kong
he loves me
across the wide
across the wide
across the wide

Twinkle Thud

You open your mouth
and words do spill out
but they only splash on me
make a mess

Those words that come out
of that big gaping
don’t get very far
as words go

Those words you spill forth
are for your ears
I think
they kind of hang
around your head
kinda twinkle
kinda makin’ you look
sorta special
until they fall to the ground

Those words you bother to
only take time from me
only make a mess of me
only almost had me believing
you were giving me
some kinda

Open your mouth
I need to understand…
Is it a faucet or a drain?

Terra not so Firma

clouds beneath my feet
turn into starlight
and I am floating
just now
floating off into places
and heights only whispered about before
to me
in my dreamiest

tonight I danced
on my tippy toes
with my fiance
my dream boat ridiculous fiance
six foot plus
blue eyed
that hugh grant accent thing he’s had since birth
and those blue eyes aren’t just blue
they are magical
seeing only the best
always the best
in me
impossible I thought
but now I know
he’s true
and I’m a believer

Here Is Neither

When I say
I am here
for you
My here is neither
nor there

I know that I am truly
when here is neither
One there being
and the other there

For even when I am
“over here”
I am indicating a without place
and the indicating originates
from within

It is only
that solitary
eternal moment
of being
only when here transforms my withins to withouts
that unbounded
all-encompassing without enclosing
of transformation in simultaneous stillness
the being and the becoming at once
is my hereness
perfectly neither.

The Falling Night

The branches and their leaves, the hillside that sits behind our house, and telephone poles have turned into black construction paper cutouts against a faded blue-gray sky. White glittering pinpoints twinkle from white to brighter white. In the dusky blue above, some stars twinkle from white to green to red and become airplanes making their slow motion meteoric fall toward the quiet ground. Everything is black or grey, save the tan bamboo growing along the still whitish fence that guards our grassy heaven and home. Everything has lost it’s hue and only shades of muted blacks and whites and sky grays remain. Those colorful crickets though… they are singing to the night in a purple, pink, and orange melody.

Fall upon me, Night.

Dawn upon me, Light.