Oh Noodle ~  My brain seems to me to be kinda noodley. It’s slippery and floppy and hard to manage. This category is for posts that kinda give you a glimpse of my noodle.

Sweepin’ Me ~ I’m such a romantic, I can sweep me off my own feet. This is everything that has anything to do with that, and my quest to find the man that will beat me to the broom.

All Beatniky ~  Got your bongo handy? Sometimes I wax poetic.  Be ready to bang, Daddio.

Of Fruit ~  Everything about everyone (all two of them) that sprung from my womb.

Of Roots ~  Topics that range from my childhood to my parents, their parents, relatives and ancestors in general.

Hairy Things ~  Of beasts that put their hair on my work clothes.  They look at me and think thoughts.  Silently we grapple for authority.  The last word always belongs… to the hair.

Gurus ~  Those I respect, admire and look to for guidance.  Some of them are bald.

Bitchin’ ~  If Yosemite Sam and Linda Blair had a (beardless) baby girl, (and she grew up), (not threw up) that would be me with PMS.  Sometimes a girl needs to vent.  Three days in a row.  Monthly.  ALL RIGHT??!

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