Painting the Days

Morning Blue~

In the blue light of morning, in the muted shadows of my familiar room, I begin to paint my day.  I will paint my day with light, having just awakened from a dream about darkness.  I will paint a day free from anger and resistance.  I will paint this day full of patience and trust.

Each moment is a lesson in releasing, it is an instant, and then it is gone.  So whatever this day will bring to me, I will not embrace it for too long. Lessons, emotions, people, and moments, all change and lose meaning when I hold them for too long.  Holding becomes clutching and needing and forcing and changing and it darkens me and whatever I attempt to hold.  So I will paint my day with the truth of letting go, and hold everything, even pain, only for a moment.

I have painted the river that flows through our days. Today I won’t resist the flow too much. If I don’t allow whatever comes my way to flow through me, I miss out on the hint of color it will leave behind. I don’t want to miss any color. I want to change and grow and learn. I have painted an open heart. I have painted a day open to opportunity.