About This Dusty Girl…


She blew through this town on the way to wonderful and
When she came back, nobody knew who she was
But she was wonderful

Nobody bothered to dust her off
Back then
Her dusty boots
All scratchy and mud caked from that dirty road
That dirty road she walked

Nobody bothered to dust her off
That shiny she was
That shiny they never saw
Cause nobody bothered to dust her off

Nobody bothered cause what’s the point?
What’s the point when she’s always moving
Point A
Point B
Points in between
And unknown
Those points to wonderful
She was always going there
She was always going

She’s the kind of girl that takes the keys out of the ignition while the car is still in drive
Cause she just can’t wait to be there already
She wants to get out and go in already
She wants to be there already
She’s there already
But where are you?

I think you knew she was shiny
Back then
But you never dusted her off
You must have been waiting
For the dust
To settle

Now she’s back from wonderful
All wonderful and shit
The kind of wonderful you can’t not notice
Not now

She went places on that dirty road
Places and places and wonderful places
She learned things on that dirty road
Things and things and wonderful things
Now she knows about the people that live
In those places
And the things that they do
In those places
She knows wonderful things about wonderful people and the wonderful places they live

Wonderful is everywhere but here
Wonderful is everything but mine
Wonderful is everyone but me

But she’s the kind of wonderful that makes you look again
At yourself
She’s the kind of shiny that lights up
Everybody else
That wonderful kind that makes you look
At your own kind of shiny
Makes you look for your own dirty road
Makes you look for
That wonderful kind of you
Cause you’re dusty too.

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  1. Sara Brooks
    Oct 12, 2011

    O Giddy Girl~
    Your Life is Awhirl~
    Your comin’ an goin’~
    Just leave us all knowin’
    You’re ridin’ the waves~
    The ones that save
    You from goin’ d
    To dwell with the rest
    Who are far from the Best~~

    C’mere Dusty~~~~
    I’ve got a Rag~~~~~

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