Fallowed Heart

the rock hard
the rock hard
my heart

your words
sharp and true
your words
a seed meant for me
a seed that would be planted
a seed that wants to grow
a seed that is bursting
with the essence of
and all the ever afters
I have ever ever
hoped for

that seed
on the rock hard

how can I till my
rock hard

how can I break this
fallowed ground
gone bad?

what does it take to soften
this rock hard?

how can I rain on it?
how can I till a stone?
must I work at it alone?

your words
your beautiful sharp true words
genuine golden
lay strewn upon
the rock hard

I must hurry
I must hurry so
your words don’t waste away

I want your love to grow
like a tree
but this is no ground for growing
this is no ground for a living thing
this is the rock hard place
this is the rock hard
my heart