Those broken women

With their unfeathered wings

With their messed up hair

And their naked eyes

Those broken women

With their tear stained necks

And their caved in chests

And their crooked legs

Those broken women

That can’t walk down their own road


Take me with you

You man you stronger man

Take me with you because I can’t walk on these hay straw legs

These weak wobbly crooked things

These things with no knees

These unbending soft stilts

These worthless

These worthless

These pointless dangling limbs


How can she go

How can she leave

Her legs don’t lead

They follow




She will never see that map

She will never touch that chart

That boundary that benchmark

She will never see the stars

See the sea

See the sky

See the air

See the clouds





Those soft those sad women

With their black eyes and their grey souls

Those women

Those those those