Love be a Lion

Love be a lion
don’t be a mouse

Love growl and prowl and snarl
do not scurry and hide

Threaten to devour and encompass me
beat my heart hard like a crazed native drummer
make your eyes gleam with the rhythm of me

Love be a lion
make me fear for my life
make me fear for a life


when you hug a girl with a broken heart
you need hope
to help you hold her

when you look into her eyes and you still see sadness there
you need hope
to light your smile

when you hold out your hand
but she’s scared to let go of the one thing she’s clinging to…
hope can convince her
to take a chance
to take a chance

you will plant kind words
where broken promises lie bleeding
and one day
hope will turn her heart into a garden

you will plant kisses
to paint her with happiness
and one day
hope will kiss you back

then day by day
moment by moment
your hope and hers
will turn hugs and smiles and touches and words
and kisses…
into love

the Bird and the Bee and Bonnie and Me

A bird sang to me today. He rapped. Each line different from the last. He experimented with harmony. He wasn’t very good. But he was entertaining. Bonnie and I sat there, side by side… me on my rock, her on her haunches. If I had haunches, I would still sit on the rock, because I’m the boss. I’m the top dog. At least in my own back yard. Bonnie and I sat there and listened to our rapping Rez bird. Until the bee showed up. The bee heckled our bird, and he kind of hopped up, taken aback, made a “what the heck” face, and then flew away. He ditched, mid-stanza.

So much for the song. Sometimes I guess it’s just not meant to… bee.

Giving it away…

Today I gave my morning to the Habitat for Humanity.  We tore a house down and shoveled, raked, and toted the rubble to three massive dumpsters.  It was the best thing I’ve done in a very long time.  At this time in my life, I think I needed to see that just because something is standing there, a structure, brick on brick, wood and pipe and wire…

and you can stand on it, and walk around in the reality of it, and you can feel safe and warm in it, and you can dream and cry and laugh and live and love in it…

it can be completely gone the next day.  Flat gone.  Gone.  And sometimes it’s not sad, it’s not a loss, it is growth.  A new house will be built there.  And it won’t happen overnight.  It will be a house built by people who have no other reason to build it than that they want to give.  They want to give the gift of their time.  They want to give the gift of their labor and their knowledge and their willingness to work together to build something for another person.  They show up time after time, to give something good, to contribute.  I get to be a part of that.

It was wonderful!  Sweaty and dirty and wonderful.  And today, I was literally “this dusty girl”!